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Vision, Mission and Objectives

UbumnaLeaders is a basic leadership concept and initiative aimed at equipping the youth from under-performing and under-resourced high schools with basic leadership and technology skills and principles in order to prepare them for Tertiary and ultimately the work place.
Ubumna Leaders hopes to Cultivate and Influence a sustainable culture of leadership and an ethos of responsibility amongst the youth to serve effectively and efficiently when absorbed in key positions during their learning and working years.

  • To support the content in Life Orientation by provoking an increased level of overall self-awareness and a better understanding of learners’ strengths and weaknesses that will enable them to make self-aligned tertiary studies, entrepreneurial and career choices.
  • To equip the participants with basic computer training to prepare them for tertiary and the work place.
  • To always collaborate with other registered organisations that are experts in the leadership, life coaching and computer training.
  • To collaborate with government and private corporate to ensure that Ubumna Leaders also aligns itself with the current Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS).
  • To collaborate with tertiary institutions and corporate organisationsthat will assist the participants with entry criteria for tertiary studies and studies needed for key positions withini corporate.